a.d. winans | poem for lynne

For Lynne

Life speeds by like
an out of control train
with sparks for memories
flashback New York 1974
COSMEP conference
Columbia University Dorms
July heat travels to my loins
as we move from conversation
to locked limbs

you ask if I mind your period
my cock answers for me
we meet up again in Lennox
the passion no less intense
ends up a friendship
with no boundaries
you my distant muse

four decades gone by
your children married
with children of their own
my thoughts a hurricane
race the death grip of time
pause in freeze stop motion
time evaporates
like beads of sweat
between the thighs
of a lover
in the heat of passion

a poet friend asks
for a smidgen of my ashes
for a poetry bomb
I send him a photo of the two of us
in our youth and will him
a smidgen of my ashes
together we will ride the universe
as one

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