b.z. niditch | as long as you compose


As long as you compose
an echo sounds
like love gestures
years later
when I played
Le roi d’ys by Lalo
based on the Breton
inspiring legend
or even his Scherzo
in D minor
returns to me
in Symphony espagnole
or in solo part
in his concerto
there is that Romantic
unique poetry of song
that dazzles belief
in an air of ex nihilo
on strings of grief,
which drifts pass me
and leaves me bare
in adolescent tones
for jazz poems
of Mina Loy,
Kaufman, Ferlinghetti
with his sax collaborator
Stan Getz and Leroi Jones,
when I would rest
like a sandman
along the sunny loire,
with my own repetoire.

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