b.z. niditch | checking in


Clio, a sexy T.V.
weather woman
checks out the
news guy Matt
who checks the mail
but forgets his ID,
calls Clio who finds
her welfare card along
with a green card
to be a citizen
from a jazz friend,Ted
without a place
of his own
who loses his cab key
and stays outside
until midnight
in the park
outside Clio’s place
meets Max the trumpet
player from Chicago
who is always late
for rehearsal
losing his trumpet
in the red cab
found by a news guy Rob
with an on going deadline
and tells the story
of Andres,an actor
who finds the trumpet
and gets a green card
to an opening audition
up town early
sharing the taxi cab
with news writer ,Rob
who writes one acts
and finds
Ted a place to stay
when young Andres
gets the lead
in Rob’s one act play
which is reviewed
by Clio’s friend Matt
on channel 8
and at the cast party
down town
all the guests
drink to Matt, Andres
Clio and Ted
checking each other out.

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