b.z. niditch | it's still monk's time


That Monk on piano
in blue notes
on the handsome album
with Coltrane on sax
direct from the Blue Spot
playing blues
which do not fade
in the distance,
a kid asks
for a jazz angel
begging on the street
for a hand out
to help him out,
just for a time
to play outside
the radio music station
WMCA in the big apple
with a naive audacity
measured by pop-up
unmeasured notes
in his moving serpentine arms
as this runaway kid
listens to Thelonious Monk
in record stores
asks the fabled proprietor
if he could try
the baritone sax
in the window,
it starts to snow
along the parking lot
but the kid
only sees improvisations
on aimless cloudy
reflections of blue notes.

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