b.z. niditch | jazz (1947)

La parade géante de Picasso

JAZZ (1947)

with a few bygone friends
like Aragon
survive with him
you day dream in your studio
after a fashion
and open your acrobatic notes
drawing in “Jazz”
resembling the circus costumes
of Picasso’s “For Parades”
their rivalry unabated
and still debated
many time over
by French art critics
hiding in faded bookcases,
as Matisse suddenly recalls
the open voices
of Satie’s cacophany
in “Parade” of 1947,
you begin this holograph
lined with dazzling passages
and silently listen
under lamp lights
to living vocal lips
from audio keyboards
in designs on color plates
as classic myths
collaborate with music and art
which only “Jazz” accords.

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