b.z. niditch | l.a. confidential eyes


you speak of bad guy angels
here with an unrolled tongue
up the ladders and angles
of success
as a waitress meditates
in the lotus position
before she serves you
that drink
hoping you read my adult
bedtime stories,
I’m in a sailor suit
on the open stage doors
embracing the bars
like everyone else
on Hollywood and Vine
but arriving here
as a kid
with one rusty suitcase
everything is not what
appears behind the ears
and courtesy is a card shark
for a publicity agent
wanting only his own money
and a panhandler is hungry
and there is always
Loves Anonymous
where ex rose bowl queens
sell their crowns
in pawnshops
and a cool piano player
may become a star
with the right job
and motorcycle jackets
will not go out of style
and light weights
will play the heavy
and a Beat Poet
the youngest of mornings.

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