d.a. pratt | a solstice to remember …

A solstice to remember …

It’s December 21 … the second solstice
of the year – they both begin important seasons:
we look forward to what summers have to offer
but winters determine much more about us …
Today’s surely the shortest day of the year,
at least in terms of sunlight … I’m not sure
if last night was the longest night or if
tonight will have that honour – I don’t
remember what’s what when it comes
to this sort of thing … the planet does
what it does … much more vital to me
this morning is the fact that she surprised me
last night by opting to sleep over,
since it was too cold to go home, if it was
okay with me, she teasingly added …
Needless to say, fresh coffee will be ready for her
whenever she decides to emerge from the bedroom –
I’m sure she’ll sleep past the moment of the solstice
but that’s fine … she does whatever she wants …
In a furtive fetish moment, while she’s still
not stirring, I’ve picked up her blue jeans –
last night she made taking them off
and dropping them onto the floor into
an unforgettable improvised erotic performance
with which she changed the carnal course
of how our time together was going to go …
Today’s the shortest day of the year
but I’m already fairly certain that it will
last longer than most in my memory –
she’s going to emerge from the bedroom
looking for where she left her blue jeans
not to mention her panties, which are
still on the floor where we both left them …

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