john bennett | the world is full of maniacs

The World is Full of Maniacs

Welcome to the latest catastrophe. The world is full of maniacs. A good portion of them are hunkered down behind Sunday football. A lot of them are hunkered down in church pews. A few are out ice fishing. Some are having sex in an airplane. Some are carrying guns, some are outlawing guns, some are making guns. It’s called the arms race, there are trophies and cold beer at the finish line and a big party afterward. There are uniforms and parades and plenty of wars to strut your stuff in.

There are issues for the high-minded, ultimatums for the dim-witted and drugs for the baffled. There’s something for everyone, we’re going places. Religion pounds science into the ground and science blows islands off the face of the earth with hydrogen bombs and then flies off to Mars. Almost everyone starves to death and the rest count their lucky stars and trip out in stadiums packed with rip-roaring maniacs. When a bomb goes off where it’s not supposed to, everyone gets teary-eyed. Heads roll. Movies get made. The Academy Awards are how we take our mind off the problem. The Buddha said there is no problem, but what did he know? Another rich kid turned hippie. Problems are how we solve things.

We are the children of Moloch and looney as gooney birds. There’s not a whole lot to be proud of.

What will bring the whole edifice crashing down is unstoppable and busily gnawing away at our temporal lobes.

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