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the man who had forgotten the names of trees

by Milner Place

Moloko print 004 | 2013. Illustrations by Harald Häuser. Preface by Todd Moore “The sea, the poem, and the house of all possible myths: the poetry of Milner Place” with a translation into german by Pociao. (The english version of this preface can be read here…) Design by Robert Schalinski. Printed in Germany. 150 pages. ISBN 978-3-943603-02-6 |


Some nights are full
of questions, and the forgotten
open unpainted doors. You ask:
How was the flight? Did you
travel well, was the accommodation
up to scratch? The sea warm
and did you try that wine?

Some greet you
in grave tones, some laugh, embrace,
invite you in, but many
slam the door, tell you
to bugger off, respect
their privacy, and you become
more nervous with each knock.

Illustration by Harald Häuser

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