rich quatrone | out

Iphigenie (1862) by Anselm Feuerbach


i actually want out
i want out
that’s it
i want out
won’t kill myself
hamlet’s explained all that
the rub
sartre’s said there’s no exit
but i still want out
ionesco warns against horns from the head
sophocles says i could fuck mom and kill dad
and never know the fucking difference
at least not right away
aristophanes says i can walk around with an erection
until the wars stop
but i still want out
i want juliet on the balcony
i want the noble antigone
i want to save iphigenia
i want to rape leda with my beak
i want out of this
whole fucking mess
bust of raven at my door
my wooden leg haunting the crew below
i want to strap myself to a huge white cock
and go down
i want out
don’t you get it
what the fuck is wrong with you
you don’t hear me
o u t!!!!!!!!!!!

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