rich quatrone | the many faces of terrorism


Let’s start with a passage from “Outrage Builds
After Collapse In Bangaladesh,” the front page
article in today’s New York Times:

“Even in a situation of grave threat, when they
saw cracks in the walls, the factory managers
thought it was too risky not to work because of
pressure on them from U. S. and European
retailers to deliver goods on time,” said Dara
O’Rourke, an expert on workplace monitoring
at the University of California, Berkeley. He
added that the prices Western companies pay
“are so low that they are at the root of why these
factories are cutting corners on fire safety and
building safety.”

So, 250 people die. Most of them extremely poor
women, many of them very young. We’d call
them children in this country.

Will there be memorials here in America for
this all-too-common tragedy? No? Why not?
Because these human beings lived ten thousand
miles away?

Are we not a human family? And if we say no,
then shouldn’t we close the churches, synagogues,
and mosques here in the states right now and be
completely honest with ourselves about what our
bottom line values are?

And, finally, should we not expand our definition
of terrorism?

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  1. What a great poem? The Many Faces Of Terrorism–Can you send me a copy to attempt to publish in Spare Change News at my e-mail address? I know my Editor has a hard time publishing poetry but this may be up his alley. Marc

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