seth howard | building before the stair


Alienation in an inherently meaningless world
These steps just keep on leading upwards
The falling leaves will give me no rest
I step and in my world there is no less meaning
Than I knew there to be, leaves just keep on falling

Ascend the stair, inherent leaving means no less
These doors were never here before, the building is taller
Than anything in my recent memory, I knew there to be
Leaves falling, building blocks of time and space
Anything but no less, memory, my steps are falling
In the autumn air, and in the courtyard an echo

Never here before, I needed to go, I needed
Inherent meaning leading upwards giving me no rest
I look up at the building taller than anything
And memory seems recent to me after all
The leaves have not gathered, though they fall through air
I never needed anything but memory
Never here no rest before the building

Looming over my life, I’m stepping upwards
Alienation in the air, and I am taller than before
Space is building time steps in the air
That I step upon and my memory is like leaves
Crisp underfoot, as I lead upwards I approach

And as I approach the building recedes with each step
I’m walking into distance, leaves are falling on
Empty steps, I’m going nowhere, I’m heading back
These steps just keep on leading upwards
The falling leaves will never give me rest

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