seth howard | gleanings of flight


Fluctuating in limbo, the desired effect
Somehow overlooked, overlooked but not
Forgotten, swirling white of cloud taken up
A Jet-line streaks across the sky, far off
Hardship that never quite becomes too much
God only gives us tasks we can handle

Taken to daydreaming, a head rests back
The seat pushed back, revealing the outline
Of a drowsy face, always at the expense of
Someone else, never asking permission
But made comfortable in a way, one more
Drink on this highway of the sky, it seemed
Too long, but never long enough, undulating
Freedom of flight, the pulse of the world
That is love, leaves us in wanting, leaves
Us half satisfied, but just enough

Culminating over distance, time is meaningless
To one whose only purpose is waiting, separated
From time by space, held captive in these corridors
Of escape, everyone a stranger, and yet how close
We all feel, we grow weary, we come to know
Each other by feel, by taste of the air

By the sound of our voices, hushed, yet every
Word is heard, we keep no secrets, we shed a
Tear from a painful ear that will not pop
Perhaps we had flown too close to the sun
But all that too fades, darkness comes
Like a blanket pulled over the eyes

And didn’t it seem like it was just the two
Of us? The perceiver and the perceived
Our secret discipline, in which the mind
Is a theater of forms that no one else
Can view, the desired effect ultimately
Achieved, Achieved, and yes, renewed

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