seth howard | past reconjured


Time, has given me, many things
Though the seasons come and go
Things remembered, the ability to forget
Sorrow—I know I shouldn’t dwell
So much on the past, but as a poet
It is something in which I must take part

Remembrance of an event, an epiphany
In space, the recollection of better days
Than now, names, places, I must avow
That it carries me through life, when
The colors of the world seem grey
To look back and see those vibrant faces
Calling in the night, lights trailing
Across distant skies, tall buildings
Houses, little lies you told to stay afloat

Promises made, meetings in the street
Days spent aimlessly meeting the people
That we meet, down forbidden passageways
That old shop tucked so well away
I thought they would never find us
Forever and a day, had taken us
Where we always longed to go

Sorrow—that strange happiness
That fills us at times with song
Waiting for the sun to set
Then darkness, lights going on
Of buildings down the street
Make believe stories, made up
Fantasies, strangers, and
The food we eat

If there is something out there
Tell me, if you have found the answer
Show me where, tomorrow
I’ll be waiting for you
In the moon illumined square

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