steve dalachinsky | conduction is:


insert remove revert divert & move an entrance into:
a trusting blind allegiance / a new kind of freedom / FREEDOM / bridging space
dome of the rock / what’s inside the stone / infusing ideas with passion
po-po-iee-tick-s as the train of music moves  CONDUCTION
as the clouds pile thru the speaker logic  / wangle mangle  tingle / mingle
pulsing portraits & unlimited possibilities / life melodies & solar flexes
weaving charged miles / toward the greater journey / a way to shape / reshape
connect instant graffiti & gratification disconnect reconnect
interlocking & unlocking / immediate social & musical network / FLOW
the flame itself / right down to the bone / sweating glass of daydreams
diverse significant appropriate evening out / serendipitous / charged
moving & textural / evocative challenging conventional & traditional expectation
powerful communicative & emotional a new way in which music is composed & played
something that makes one think spontaneously
resonating / interpretative / forward looking / significant / subversive / submersive
a way to reshape audience expectation
textural / thematic / melodious / dynamic / tonal / repetitive / modulated / gentle
connecting the VAROOOOOMM KAZOOOOM & basic fabric
pulsing harmonic waves / river into sea / sea to endless sea / responsive / fluid
moving toward a greater journey / charged with miles of mobile invisible apparel
crescendo-causing / punctuated / swelling / echoing / divergent / suggestive
rhythmic / thematic / orchestral / syncopated melting bottomless constancy emotive & profound knowing soaring heartbeat / interplay / breath /
explosive inspired frenzy aggressive floating tapestry
“disappearing into concentrated bursts appearing reappearing disappearing.”
buzzing punctuation / punctuation is repeat repeat
smooth combative intuitive astonishing absolute energy aspiring inspiring.
syncopated free structure(d) rising rolling timeless currents of sound
resonant throbbing pulsing emotion
unifying cadences gliding guiding arousing illuminating
suggestive / melodic / allowing swirling patterns / pulling and releasing,
interpretative evocative moving demanding
a means to expand contract compress express
a way of sticking together a receding tide an onslaught of waves
strength of vocabulary applied / spontaneous interpretation of the score / process /
moving through sharp staccatos / subtle incomprehensible magic
the elegance of a solo/ arpeggios / a wash of melodies
keeping the tonal thematic consistency
foundations that support soaring beyond itself gentle currents that stir beneath
then explode in ultimate resonating tonal punches devastating crescendos
surrendering to the challenge there are no illusions left to illuminate & create
sound & motion intertwined varied & self-perpetuating
the river conducted down to the sea / a stream of seen & unseen waves
the sea accepts the river
as the 2 mix & mingle / direct / hands on / alive / naked
as the conductor of a train of thought moves circumstance
as circumstance becomes unhinged by chance & discovery
& the plick-aschwaaaaa & the schwoosh
dome of the rock & what is inside the stone whole & fragmented
unlocking the mind soul spirit heart flesh insides & outsides
transformative & transitional / expansive & extending
hot looming medium finishing with brilliant beginnings. life melodies. breathing.
river into the ocean ocean becoming sky.

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