thomas l. vaultonburg | come for me & the yellow river

Charles Thévenin | La prise de la Bastille, painted 1793

Come For Me

Come for me
In darkness
Like all cowards

Come for me
When I am starved
And deprived of

Come for me when
I am crazed
For want
Of a woman’s lips

Come for me
When my days
Have outlasted
The portion in my
Beggar’s bowl

Come for me
When I have
Watched the mongrel
Suffer in the ditch

Come for me on
Lorcas’s birthday
And Akhmatova’s
Wedding night
Or Bastille Day

Come for me
In my darkness
And I will show
You how
I write poetry.

The Yellow River

Disoriented by Vietnamese beer,
I enter the hot zone
Approximately four inches
South of my intended
Insertion point
And am repelled
By an aggressive
Guerilla resistance.

War is hell.

Thomas L. Vaultonburg is the editor of Zombie Logic Review, an online literary magazine of Zombie Logic Press, one of the Midwest’s oldest independent literary presses and contains poetry, webcomics, artwork, and short videos. Zombie Logic Review publishes dadaist, surrealist, Outsider, and Outlaw poetry.

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