seth howard | the long hallway


Strands of light threading through time
I would sit at times and watch the light filtering in
Through darkness, dreams seemed that way, didn’t they
Floating through fictions of undiscovered truth

Stars that blanket the skies, I slip away
And the hallway is longer than I ever cared to traverse

At times I would sit threading time through light
Drifting darkness seemed a forgotten dream, the truths
I found in fiction became, even more strange

Stars slipping away in strands, a blanket of time
Halfway there was never good enough
When the hallway extends the way it does, stretching out
Dubious in the dark, dank air and fictions floating
Night was longer than I ever cared to know

Disparaged by the shadows, discarded with the clock
Time, I knew no longer, extending into strands threading through
Light, shades of eternity for a time outnumbered
I numbered exceptions of past recalled on one hand

Strands of stars slipping through the ceiling of my mind
Wish that I could go back to the way things were
Things I wish that go back could never stand as truths

And so I find myself here, in a halfway house of fallen stars
The vision that blanketed my sight seemed never to break away

The shadows, the discarded clock, time no longer
Would thread through ceilings dank and dubious
Cards dispersed about the table
Shards of a broken bottle scattered at my feet

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  1. Time sequences of Seth Howard has an interrelation to a
    search for disclosure of boundaries of language cycles.
    BZ Niditch

  2. This one idea of yours, this one line, this roofless alleyway of sentiment has taken me out to what might have been, and back again: “And so I find myself here, in a halfway house of fallen stars…,” and I want to thank you for that. I want to thank you very much. Sherrie

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