he buys me gifts by nila northSun


he buys me gifts

things he wants to see me in
his garters & stockings
slinky dresses with huge slits
spiked heels black lace bras
no matter that he never takes me
anywhere that i could be dressed up
like that
no matter that the lace is scratchy
or the shoes uncomfortable
i’ll take ’em anyway
cause otherwise i’d get nothing
he won’t buy me the things i want
like baggy soft sweaters
or a new pair of cowboy boots
i don’t mean to complain
but the spiked heels punch holes
in the ground outside and ifs hard
to balance walking on dirt roads
and the baby spits up on silk & white satin
just doesn’t stay dean when you got two kids
but ill take ’em anyway
Luxuries are hard to come by
& rather than have him buy ’em for
somebody else
I’d rather be his whore.

Poem taken from The Smudge No. 8 edited by Hank Malone & Kurt Nimmo, 1981

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