I want a Poem by Jeri Thompson


I want
………a Poem

To be written about me.
To inspire the sort of passion
That makes me immortal
On a paper page, in a paper book.
I want to bleed
A river of free-flowing ink.

I want a poem that stops me, tilts my head to the side
And slowly runs its fingers along my spine.
I want that poem to grab me,
Throw me on my bed and
Reach for my panties.

I want to live forever in ink on paper
Through the pen of a poet.
I want it to hold who I am in time,
Never to age another day.

Make me live forever in your words.
I will wait for that.

Previously published in the Silver Birch Press “Waiting” series

mebyme1Ms. Thompson spends much of her time napping, smelling the roses and perfecting her talent for procrastination.

Please find her poetry in several publications: Hedgerow, Cadence Collective, Red Light Lit, Silver Birch Press (Green, Silver and Summer Anthologies), Pearl, Cactifur, and upcoming in Mas Tequila Review and Lummox (#4).

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