I’m a bird by Rich Quatrone


Listen, I have telekinetic powers.
Since I was 25. And now Birdman
only confirms my noble malady.
So yes
I fly sometimes.
I jump to commit suicide
and end up in the clouds.
This is who I am.
I create works of art
that make the woman I love
She leaves me.
I pine for her.
I point my fingers like Zeus
and nothing happens.
I think I am Yogananda
and smile at her.
And nothing happens.
So then the poems
Like dark angels with white
They come out of my fingers
like electricity.
It’s a form of shock treatment
I give to myself, my friends,
and to the woman I love.
Nothing happens.
I never really think I can
fly altho I have flown
many times in dreams
over my lifetime.

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