Not My Time by R.M. Engelhardt



Like a moth I move
Towards the Light

See All memories
Loves & Regrets

My childhood
And feel the sadness
And the pain
Of each human being that
I Ever hurt

But then?
I remember
That I left my
Cigarettes and my bottle of
Scotch in the house

I hear a voice,
Someone telling me
“It’s your time”
But I tell them

“Wait in line”


R.M. Engelhardt is a veteran poet & writer whose work over the years has appeared in many journals & magazines such as Rusty Truck, Lummox, Thunder Sandwich, 2nd Avenue Poetry, Up The River and others. His forthcoming book is called “The Bones Of Our Existence”. He currently lives in upstate NY.​ More on R.M. Engelhardt can be found via his web site here…

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