Old Cities Deep in the Interior by T.L. Kryss


Old Cities Deep in the Interior

Old cities deep in the interior were left alone.
Buildings that, on well travelled seacoasts,
might have given way to streets and homes
remained in tact, preserved

Stone lions’ heads and cherubim still traversed a wall.
Certain flowers, discontinued elswhere, overflowed
a fountain in an empty square

Our lives grew far apart and many things have changed.
But sometimes, old friend, what passed between us
will turn up, slow and solid, in my thoughts.
The things that ravage men have kept these stones in place

Warm red sunlight growing down along a wall

Strange Attractors | click the image to enlargePoem taken from the chap book Strange Attractors. First edition July 1993. 200 issues. Co-producer: Mark Stueve of Old Erie Street Bookstore Cleveland, Ohio. Front cover art by Harland Ristau. Lettering by Big Web. Back cover art by Dan Nielsen. Text artwork by t.l. & Carolyn Kryss & Hilary Krzywkowsk. Co-edited by Mark Weber & Mark Stueve. Photo of t.l.kryss by mark weber 18may89. (c)1993 by Zerx Press & t.l. kryss, 5016 Inspiration Dr, SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108

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