One Word by Jeri Thompson


One Word

Gomez, about to burst a dandelion clock
As Lady of the Night blooms
In the focus of the full moon.
He breathes in the bud of her smile,
There is no other woman in his garden.
Morticia tames his heart with one word.

He is the mustang, she is the bridle
He’s doesn’t feel restrained, she needn’t lock the gate.
He is always her winning steed.
She turns his capers into campaigns
Then leads the parade of his successes,
Or finds jewels in his rubble.

Morticia is what holds Gomez:
A woman who can stand alone
………..But chooses to stand next to him.
A woman who can hold him close
………..But not consume him.
A woman with angles that
………..Spark and spread like a diamond’s echo.
She weaves their warp and woof into a web.
She stokes his fingers of flame.
Combustion by one word,
A throaty proposition…

mebyme1Ms. Thompson spends much of her time napping, smelling the roses and perfecting her talent for procrastination.

Please find her poetry in several publications: Hedgerow, Cadence Collective, Red Light Lit, Silver Birch Press (Green, Silver and Summer Anthologies), Pearl, Cactifur, and upcoming in Mas Tequila Review and Lummox (#4).

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