Rewind By Twelve by Ludlow

Ludlow (the nom de plume of Ned Mudd)
Ludlow (the nom de plume of Ned Mudd)

Rewind By Twelve

drawing to a conclusion
the package forgot to arrive –

a sudden burst of sophistry
hooded by the inevitable conclusion.

a concussion grenade said hello
and the trees dropped their leaves.

a mile offshore
a pair of whales laughed
as the moon fell into the soup.

distance is measured by calamity;
clocks calculate the intractable grind.

the other side of the sound barrier
is a flaming rose garden,
soft petals shuffling
to arcane tom toms.
the last line is
where words
go to die.

Ludlow (the nom de plume of Ned Mudd), resides in the jungles of Alabama where he engages in interspecies communication, rock collecting, and frequent cloud watching. He is a regular contributor to the Canyon Country Zephyr, an ex officio member of the notorious Kevorkian Skull Poets, and the translator of Zen poet JiBo, author of When Thirsty, Drink Green Tea. Some of Ludlow’s best friends are raccoons.

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