Target by Rich Quatrone



I will no doubt be an easy target
and I am an easy target now.
I try to use words as windows
and not as weapons, as means
to connect and not to separate.
I try, at least.
And I am naked in my work.
Hardly any “art” at all.
But plenty of art, I at least hope.
Or no art.
Just me in print.
As I’ve said many times,
God creates artists.
Or Artists.
“In the beginning God created…”
It is artists who create.
“man is created in God’s image.”
Men are Artists.
And so on.
And we learn not to be.
So, I am naked.
When the Angel came he came too late.
I was armed with spears and fears.
Says Blake.
I will not be armed, I hope.
But being as I am I am an easy target,
as I say.
What is to be done about it?
It’s either naked or dead.
No, not a reference to Mailer.
Not in the

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