there is by Hubert Bergmann


there is

there’s a simple answer
to all questions:

the sun…

it means:
the shadows
behind us
are nothing
our being
in front
of their light

hubertPoem taken from “poems off the road” a poem writing project startet 2011 open ended about circumstances of life. poems (in german, some in english) are written at travellings and “off the road” put directly (iphone) into the blog, most with pictures of place where are written. they are connected to fernando pessoas work “mensagem” (message). Hubert Bergmann is a pianist and composer in the field of free improvisation and new music. In addition to compositions and improvisations for solo piano and “prepared piano”, he designed such to dance productions, duo, trio and ensemble music such as electro-acoustic experimental music, film and radio and makes films in the documentary genre. More about Hubert Bergmann can be found via his web site by clicking here…

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