Why I Don’t Want A Penis / By a Woman by Candy Kaucher

Why I Don’t Want A Penis / By a Woman
(I think about the government )

what should you do if your boyfriend wants to fuck another guy
when you can’t get to sleep and he wont give you a piece
and you cant get away from it
but the nearest thought of it makes your heart convulse
like he does
and you realize you’d be totally repulsed at the thought of being offered
a manhandled dick
realizing that love isn’t
only an excuse, cause life is so difficult
the penis
his penis
has a long track record of screwing up everything
HA purity
only obscurity
HA innocence
there are no innocents
you thought you could find the pathway from the penis to the mind
boys love their toys
fooled by sex disguised as happiness
man swells and swells
where the cum squirts out who cant tell?
and well, who wants that shit up their cunt?
and how do you complain about the trophy case
the prostitution of women all women by
the merciless phallus that sooner or later imposes most of us
a charming story entitled 101 ways to say,I WANT TO FUCK YOUR BRAINS OUT
how we long to hold each other in our arms
until both of our fires are extinguished
but the rule book is just empty pages
the thwarted stiff one pointing to the blank air
the erections of irrelevance ending up the semen blurted out on the floor
where its master can claim no conquest
those sick pink things in men’s pockets
keep shooting the hunted
but they never hit blood, kill the beast, or steal the soul
for they are too ridiculous and blunted
and when not in use immediately stunted
the mark of a territorial worthless penis the big sales item
the incentive behind all the world’s hype, warfare, politics, poverty,
loss of form, overpopulation, murder, spaceships, progress,
and everything that castrates us
and I’m ashamed to want one
but I don’t want a penis…

Poem taken from ARBELLA. Poetry zine edited by Tom Obrzut & Anthony George circa 1990

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