Words to romance me by Jeri Thompson


Words to romance me by

There are certain words
That illicit a tingle in the pants.
Everyone has their tastes
Mine are simple.
He says “I’m horny” and
I am there.
No matter the hour on the face of the
Mocking clock, if he says “I want
To shoot my wad”           I travel
To. wherever. he. is.
I want                   like Pavlov’s dog.
I am reduced
To a pool of my own drool –
A cocktail of blood and oxytocin.
I am the result
Of casual sex and evolution:
Wanting the touch
Then expecting the nest.
I will forever be at war with my DNA

And perhaps his.

Published online at Carnival Lit, 2013 vol. 4

mebyme1Ms. Thompson spends much of her time napping, smelling the roses and perfecting her talent for procrastination.

Please find her poetry in several publications: Hedgerow, Cadence Collective, Red Light Lit, Silver Birch Press (Green, Silver and Summer Anthologies), Pearl, Cactifur, and upcoming in Mas Tequila Review and Lummox (#4).

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