A First Responder Steps Aside by Donal Mahoney


A First Responder Steps Aside

The hands on the atomic clock
upstairs finally stopped spinning.
As you know, my dear, the hands
have been spinning for two weeks.

This morning the clock stopped
the way it has so many times
over the years so I took it down,
shook it and nothing happened.

A shake has worked before.
The clock would start right up.
Now I can’t get the battery out.
My fingernails are too short.

Usually I meet the challenge
since I’m the first responder
but not this time, my dear.
No fingernails at the moment.

I put the clock upside down
on the leather ottoman where
the battery awaits a pallbearer.
A new battery should do it.

This clock’s always had problems.
Still, I’m surprised it’s not
running for president this year.
A new battery and it won’t lie.

Donal Mahony

Donal Mahoney, nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart prizes, Donal Mahoney has had poetry and fiction published in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Some of his work can be found by clicking here… 

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