A Funeral in the Rain by Ferris E. Jones

A Funeral in the Rain

The rain staggered the tress
and melted the ground with leaves.
Simplifying this day’s struggle
for which tomorrow will double.

No rites heard handed down
and no prayer to stop the sound.
This pain of decision
forever in precision.

Love and Death

Do not weep
or welcome
this sad
lover’s sin,
just come for me,
for me death;
where love
has never been.

A Tarot Card Reader in Seattle

on Cherry Street, I
met Luna Eclypse.
She spoke to me
about the gratitude’s
and manifestos
will come,
from me,
with the passion, purpose
of the Archangel Michael.
There is a board, I
must post them,
it’s my time.

Ferris E. JonesFerris E. Jones writes poetry and screenplays from his residence in Seattle Washington. His work has been published in Se La Vie Writers Journal, Write on Magazine and other literary periodicals. He is the recipient of two Grants from the Nevada Arts Council and published several collections of poetry, including To Burning Man, Oh the Path that Followed and As the Toad Sleeps.

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