Five poems by Jake Cosmos Aller

It is a Gun Situation, Mr. President

Mr. President
You are wrong once again
You said that the tragic events in Texas
And Las Vegas were not “gun situations”
But rather were mental health problems

And that in Texas if there had been gun controls
Perhaps fewer people would have died

Mr. President
I know you a smart man
The smartest man in the world
According to you

So please contemplate this fact
According to the latest findings
It is a gun situation

In fact, the reason the U.S.
Has so many gun deaths
Is because we have so many guns
45% of the worlds guns in fact

And 33 percent of the world’s shooters
Are Americans killing other Americans

And most of them
Are White People
killing other white people

Not Islamic terrorists
Most are in fact
Self-proclaimed Christians

So Mr. President
When will you come to your senses

And do what 90 percent of the public wants
Enact nationwide effective gun controls?

And tell the NRA
they can take their blood money elsewhere

When Mr. President
When will you act
When will you take charge

And become a President of the people
Instead of the President of the NRA?

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Prayer Works

Dear Speaker Ryan

I want to tell you something
The dead don’t want your prayers
The dead don’t care that you pray for them
They are dead after all

And you and your so-called Christians
Are to blame
You refuse to do anything
Anything at all to stop the carnage
In our streets

The U.S. is flooded with guns
And more are sold every day

Millions of people don’t have health coverage
Millions are barely surviving
And your answer
Our dear great compassionate Speaker

Your answer
Is Prayer works
Government action does not

You act as if the gun violence
Plaguing our country
Was like the weather
Beyond our control

So here’s my prayer for you
And your colleagues

When you die
I pray that God
Will send you

And your friends
Straight to hell

Where Satan and his demons
Will use you for target practice

That’s my prayer to you
And as you know
Prayer works

I don’t Get It

Mr. Speaker
I admit I don’t get it
How does prayer
Stop gun violence?

Prayer did not work in Texas.
26 people were murdered
while praying.

God if he exists
Obviously does not care

About the poor people
Who died in his church

Because a mad man
Got a gun

And no they were not praying
To be delivered from death
No one deserves to die like this

So my prayer to you
Is simply this

Get off your rear end
Rally the country

And do something
About gun violence

That’s a prayer
I hope works

Add House Speaker Paul Ryan to the list of Republicans offering only thoughts and prayers in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in a Texas church, because taking meaningful action is always off the table with him and his party.
Speaking with Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham last night, Ryan reiterated that the victims and their families need more prayers because “prayer works.”
Prayer doesn’t work.
26 people were murdered while praying. Even Christians ought to admit that prayer doesn’t make a damn bit of difference and their God will do whatever their God wants to do, even if it means letting people die in church because a domestic abuser got his hands on a semi-automatic weapon.
Not that Ryan would ever say that.
Instead, he just blamed the “far secular Left” for not getting it.

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Dear Governor Abbot

You say that you are a Christian
Yet you have the gall
to say that the proper response
To the evil acts of the deranged gun man
Who shot up a church
Is to work closer with God

And that evil people will find ways
To commit evil acts

And that there is nothing the government
Can do to stop this madness
It is the price of our freedom

Why can’t you wake up
And see that you can lead
The way out of this madness?

Thousands of people die
Each year from guns in this country
Turning everyone into prisoners
Into their own homes

Afraid to walk outside
For fear that a nut job
With a gun

Will blow them away
In Church, at the store
In traffic

And you and your NRA buddies
Think the answer
Is to arm everyone to the teeth

And I wonder how Jesus
Would react to how
You have so misunderstood his message?

You Sir are not a Christian
And you Sir are going to not like
What God has to say to you
On Judgement day

We have evil that occurs in this world, whether it be a terrorist who uses a truck to mow down bikers in New York City, whether it be a terrorist who uses bombs or knives to stab people, or other terrorist who use vehicles, whether it be in Nice, France, or any other place in the entire world, who mow down people.
And I’m going to use the words of the citizens of Sutherland Springs themselves, and that is, they want to work together for love to overcome evil, and you do that by working with God.

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When will this Madness end – short version

Yet again we turn on the TV
And witness horrible scenes
Of unparalleled violence, hatred and despair

An old man consumed by his own demons
Opens fire from a hotel room
Killing 60 people injuring hundreds
In Las Vegas, Sin City

And the cry goes out throughout the land
Why yet again this tragedy

The usual suspects are rounded up
It’s the culture, stupid cry the conservative voices

And there is nothing we can do
It is like the weather
Bad shit happens

Guns are the price of our freedom
Guns Don’t Kill People
The only solution is more guns for everyone

The only solution for a bad guy with a gun
Is a gun guy with a gun
An armed society is a polite society

No, it’s the guns, cry the liberal pundits
We must confiscate the guns
Ban Assault weapons
And join the rest of the world
Where such carnage does not occur

And we sit around and argue
Knowing that there will be a next time
And another time and time and time again
Until the end of time

What is the sickness in our souls
That allows for this hatred to fester so
Deep within the minds of our killers

We are all responsible here
The negligent parents
The overworked schools

The soulless corporate world
That treats everyone like disposable commodities

The lack of human connection
The TV and movie purveyors
Of pornographic violence

Nothing will change
Until we conflict the evil
That lurks deep within each of us

There will be another Las Vegas
Soon enough

Two weeks later the greatest mass shooting in a Church occurred in Texas
Sadly nothing has changed

John (“Jake”) Cosmos Aller is a novelist, poet, and former Foreign Service officer having served 27 years with the U.S. State Department in ten countries – Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Korea, India, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, Spain, and Thailand. and traveled to 45 countries during his career. Jake has been an aspiring novelist for several years and has completed four novels, (Giant Nazi Spiders, “the Great Divorce” and “Jurassic Cruise”, and is pursuing publication. He has been writing poetry and fiction all his life and has published his poetry fiction in over 25 literary journals. Jake grew up in Berkeley, California.

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