Fixer by Haley Mitchell


Give me your pain
Give me your uncertainty and your doubt
Give me everything you’ve ever hated about yourself
And watch me turn it into gold.

Haley MitchellHaley Mitchell, I’m a 23-year-old woman from rural South Dakota. I’m a tattoo and vinyl curator, body modifier, bookworm, outdoor enthusiast, and dog mom. During the day I’m a part-time barista and full-time Residential Counselor. By night, a feminist poet with a taste for the renegade lifestyle. I studied Psychology and Sociology in college but I’ve been creatively writing since grade school.

Frank O’Hara’s famous line “Someday I’ll love Frank O’Hara” has ignited a chain of responses from contemporary poets started by Roger Reeves and continued by myself and poets like Ocean Vuong. Write a poem about yourself that is also about your place in the world. Let its title be, “Someday I’ll Love (Insert Your Full Name).” This is the only rule to follow for this prompt. Be bold. Think big. Say something you’ve been afraid to say about yourself and your identity. For an example, check out Ocean’s poem “Someday I’ll Love Ocean Vuong” in The New Yorker.

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