i know why ed gein loves me by Mike Klumpp

i know why ed gein loves me

he does because i’m dead
buries eye to the heavens
sporting mirrors
(touching rusty spoons)
reflecting all that is vast and endless

i am ed gein’s widow
his lover
his mother
his maidenhead
his love of all things living
his love of all things dead

you have smelled that methane
released from the lower belly
you have not loved me

until my bile is on your blade
who are we
to call ourselves friends more less lovers

i have clown white and a carpet knife
are you feeling strong? are you feeling brave
you say you love me
but can you
peel off my face and wear it as your own
can you make a wallet from the cheek of my ass
(the fatty parts yellow but taste so rich in the morning)
i am your fantasy
all of time’s sweet release
all of heaven
all of hell
killer and killed
i have flash cards
i can teach you
we are the same
you and me
and we are all ed gein’s widow
we are all ed gein’s lover

say grace – let’s eat.

Mike Klumpp

Michael “Mike” Klumpp Born: New Orleans, Louisiana. Educations: New Orleans Academy, University of Louisiana Lafayette, Dallas Theological Seminary. Degrees and Special Training: B.A. English, M.A. Biblical Studies, Holds Black Belts in 6 different disciplines, 5th Dan Amerian Mixed Martial Arts, Meteorology School of the Air Force. Awards: Most Valuable Athlete, Best Supporting Actor, Numerous Poetry Awards including Pushcard Nomination 2003, Who’s Who in America’s Teachers 1993, 1994, Coached 1990 State Semi-final Football Team Christway Academy, Louisiana Medal of Excellence, Several Gold Medals in Martial Arts. Career Highlights: President of Mike Klumpp and Associates Sales in Dallas, Texas, Founding Owner of ASB Karate in Texas, Kansas and Kenya, Founding Director of EASEORG East African Service and Empowerment – Mission Agency serving East Africa from our offices in Nairobi, Author of Single Dad’s Survival Guide, Founded the Marstellar Bray Arts Center in Dighton, Kansas, City Council Person and Economic Developer for Dighton, Kansas and Lane County, Resident Artistic Director of the Uvalde Grand Opera House, Lead Teacher High School English and Bible at Christway Academy in Duncanville, Texas, Teaching “Matthew” Dallas Theological Seminary Lay Institute, Team Teaching Dallas Theological Seminary “Effective Pulpit Delivery” with Doctor Reg Grant and Doctor John Reed, Performing and Writing for Howard Hendricks at Dallas Theological Seminary and the Center for Christian Leadership, Building a Hospital and Bringing Electicity to the community of Lemoru in the Ziwa Disctict of Central Kenya, Pastoring Churches in Dallas, Texas, Dighton, Kansas and Hong Kong.

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