New Years Eve by Vincent Zepp


i did not sell a dyna gym
to the couple at 406 front st # 4
they were too poor could not afford it
i didn’t care cause by three
i was in the arms of my charisma
planning our new years eve fiesta
buying food booze do you wanna eat out she said
while we were at palminos pizza
she told me how for six months
a worker at winkys hamburger beat off in the cole slaw
honest too god
i got a librium in my pocket
rum n coke up n coming
i like being bad says she after
parting her labia
for some reason im glad

Vincent Zepp about Vincent Zepp. Arriving at the time in history (including literary history) when I did. I was blessed to have such a rich tradition of poetry, art, music, and culture to available to me. This continues to allow my poetry to flourish in a rich loam of influences. The work I believe is representative of the best thoughts and intuitions of my generation of writers whose challenge is to move forward with the gifts given to us from previous generation of artists. From Ferlinghetti who opened my eyes to Pound and Eliot through the various significant literary and art movements of the 20th century. Then there was the haiku master Basho who showed us frogs leaping into the pond of our mind. John Berryman said our poetry should be something no one else could do. I’ve tried to focus on that idea.

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