One Tiny Bottle by Pat St. Pierre

One Tiny Bottle

How could he have known
what one small bottle
would lead to.
Pain was widespread
as it sometimes is
after surgery.
All he needed was
something to help
dull his senses.
As days moved forward
the feeling he had was delightful.
One small bottle
led to another.
In time a bottle
was necessary every day.
His appearance turned gaunt
and one day he didn’t
recognize who he was.
All he could utter was
“one tiny bottle”.

Pat St. PierrePat St. Pierre is a freelance writer for both adults and children in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. She recently published her third poetry book “Full Circle”. Her work can be viewed both online and in print. Some places are: Silver Boomer Books, Poetry Pacific, 50 word story, A Long Story Short, Alfie Dog Fiction, Our Day’s Encounter, The Peacock Journal, Ekphrastic Poetry, etc. She is also a freelance photographer whose photos have been on covers and included both online and in print. You may view her work at: Sediments, Gravel, The Camel Saloon, Front Porch Review, Ramshackle Review, Poppy Road Review, etc. Her blog is here… 

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