OURSELVES by Ann Christine Tabaka


The night is upon us, cold, dark, silent.
The senses become alert, watchfully seeking …
But for what?
What lurks in the depths, stalking its prey like a cat on hunt?
We walk though shadows, buying time.
Waiting, listening carefully, painfully alert.
Like some primitive, fearing the absence of light.
Never certain of what the void brings with it.
Who its victim shall be.
What we fear is within us.
The evil is always there, waiting to strike out.
The loneliness takes hold, it slowly strangles us.
We hover in crowds, amid noise and blinding flashes of light.
All to hide …
From the enemy …
Within …
It is ourselves

Ann Christine Tabaka was born and lives in Delaware. She is a published poet, an artist, a chemist, and a personal trainer. She loves gardening, cooking, and the ocean. Chris lives with her husband and two cats. Her poems have been published in numerous national and international poetry journals, reviews, and anthologies. Chris has been selected as the resident Haiku poet for Stanzaic Stylings.

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  1. Something different from “Hello darkness my old friend” (the beginning of Simon and Garfunkel’s masterpiece) … this is challenging but engaging … worthy of being read more than once … three cheers! DaP

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