Getting Too Old & The End by Ian Lewis Copestick

Getting Too Old

I’m getting too old
For the life I’m living
I’m going past middle aged
Still acting like a teenager
And I’m struggling to keep up the pace
Another drug-fuelled sleepless night
I’m getting way too old for this shit
I should be in bed by 10 with cocoa
Not up all night with cocaine
It’s easy when you’re in your 20s
In your 30s you get bad hangovers
But when you get to your mid-40s
Your wild years should really be over
Am I having a mid-life crisis
Or a second adolescence
Well for me the first one was rubbish
At least for this one my acne has lessened
Being young was no fun for me
I was too insecure, too scared
Now I want to have fun in my 40s
But the stamina is no longer there

The End

I’ve seen more warmth in a statue
And more love in a porno mag
I used to think you cared for me
Now I know that I’d been had
It’s like you’re a sledgehammer in life
And me, I’m just a nail
When all of your feelings are locked up tight
It feels like you’re in jail
I used to get so angry
Now I am just bemused
You can get used to anything
Even if it’s being used
You are as cold as ice cream
But nowhere near as sweet
I’m struggling to hold in a scream
But I daren’t even speak
Why do I keep holding on to what has been
When I know this relationship’s dead
It’s as dumb as lying under a guillotine
And trying to hold on to your head
Yes, this is like a death sentence
I am living on death row
Suffering through this makes no sense
It’s time to let it go

Ian Lewis Copestick is a writer from Stoke on Trent, England. He is 45 years old and unemployed, this means that life can be tough but at least gives him time to write.

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