How many? by D.A. Pratt

How many?

It’s a question …
how many voices of ignorance
does it take to make a chorus?
Let’s ponder for a moment or two:
very provincial politicians seem
to be stumbling over themselves
to be among the loudest voices
when the songs of stupidity are sung —
definitely true in a place like Canada
(the country actually has provinces)
but “very provincial” applies to so many voices
all over the planet … perhaps particularly
in the United States of America
where politicians seem to be incapable
of considering “larger issues” without
descending into self-centred concerns
(often putting personal re-election
ahead of what’s genuinely important
for the future of their society) …
but the selfishness comes not just
from our pathetic politicians —
everywhere far too many people
are voting very provincially
and this is a profound problem:
the chorus of ignorance
is singing everywhere
and it is becoming decidedly dangerous …
What’s to be done?
How many others need
to be heard to overcome
the voices of ignorance?

daveD.A. (David) Pratt “continues to continue” in a comfortably conventional community in Canada … he is genuinely concerned about the burgeoning stupidity that seems to be virtually everywhere …

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