Isolation by Alison Williams


how to cope
with a few weeks
of isolation?

……maybe listen to those
……who live this way?

you get used to it
after about the first
three years

there will be
some good days

you will develop
resilience based in
new routines

swapping day pyjamas
for the night ones

you’re feeling ill?
just go back home
and stay there

eat well, relax and try
to get some exercise

if only we knew
when this would end
or if…

you will go back out
and forget about this

Alison Williams  likes to write about things that are usually overlooked, mostly in the form of haiku and tanka – although occasionally a poem goes wild and escapes from these formats. Her haiku were included in the Norton anthology ‘Haiku in English: the First Hundred Years’ and she is the tanka editor of the UK based journal Presence. She lives a reclusive life in Southampton on the south coast of England.

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