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$10 | Six envelopes each containing at least 20 little books sent bi-monthly


I’ve been thinking about doing “subscriptions” to Poems-For-All for a long time as a way to get more of the little books out to folks interested in receiving them. Because I want the little books of the series to always be free, I feel uncomfortable using the word subscription. Ah, semantics. What you’re really paying for is the postage to send them. You are helping me to defray the costs of postage with your ten bucks. (Thank you.)

If you have questions, please contact me at robert@poems-for-all.com and I’ll do my best to answer them. I would prefer not to communicate about subscription issues using Facebook. If at all possible, please send me an email.

This is not a fundraiser

Please only subscribe if you want to receive little books. Subscriptions allow me to give away more books with some help covering the costs of doing so. I am not seeking donations other than the specific $10 to send to each subscriber six envelopes filled with little books. Some generous souls will want to give more than $10. (You know who you are.) I kindly ask that you resist that temptation.

How to subscribe

Send $10 via PayPal using the address robert@poems-for-all.com. Include your mailing address and an email address in the space provided to leave a note. I will only send email occasionally to update you about things related to the subscription. Overseas shipping. The cost for the subscription is the same. Enter the $10 amount and PayPal will calculate how much you pay in the currency of the country where you reside. (It will cost me more to send envelopes overseas but the subscription fee is only intended to help defray my postage expenses, not cover them entirely.)

What to expect in each envelope

I want to provide everyone who subscribes with as many different selections from the Poems-For-All series as possible. There’s a lot to choose from. 2021 is the 20th anniversary of the series and there are now almost 2,000 different poems and artifacts in the series. I won’t be able to share them all, but I do hope to send out an interesting variety of items from the past as well as the latest little books being designed and published each month. There will always be a minimum of 20 books, cards or artifacts from the series in each envelope. Envelopes will also contain what I like to refer to as pointless flotsam. This is a surprise. You’ll see what I mean by that when your envelopes arrive. At this time it won’t be possible to take specific requests for what will be included. I have some general themes planned for each month that will determine some or all of the contents. I will send out an email before each envelope is sent providing you with a general sense of its contents.

If you want books but don’t want to subscribe

You don’t have to subscribe to receive any of the envelopes. Individual envelopes can be purchased for $3. If you only want to buy envelopes that have themes that appeal to you, for example, use the email above to request being added to the mailing list. When I send out the email with a general idea of what’s coming in the next envelope, you can use PayPal to send $3 for that specific envelope.

I will also continue to send out random packages of little books to anyone who requests them. No charge.

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