mark weber | four poems from new york city




Connie Crothers & Richard Tabnik at DiFara Pizzeria, Brooklyn, Sept 5, 2006. Photo by Mark Weber









Roger Mancuso Photo by Mark Weber


Connie Crothers Quartet September 6, 2006 at her studio 475 Kent Avenue #410 Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. Roger Mancuso — drums
Richard Tabnik — alto sax , Ken Filiano — bass, Connie Crothers — piano. Photo by Mark Weber


Connie Crothers & Mark Weber at legendary DiFara Pizzeria,1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn NY, September 5, 2006. (we were passing around the camera while waiting for our pizzas) Photo by Richard Tabnik


Note: All photo’s are not part of the original Mark Weber chapbook ‘Four Poems from New York City‘ Thanks to Mark Weber for sending me these images.


Following a list of Mark Weber chapbooks available via ZERX PRESS

#01 THE PHONE Mark Weber, poems October 1983 | #02 OUT OF IT Mark Weber, poems & collages March 1984 | #03 JUMPING THE CONCLUSIONS Mark Weber, poems July 84 | #04 ABANDON SHIP
Mark Weber, poem January 1985 | #05 THE SELECTED COLLECTED LEFTOVER POEMS Mark Weber, 1985 | #06 TWO BODIES MAKE ONE Mark Weber, erotic poems 1985 | #08 3 RING CIRCUS Mark Weber, short stories January 1988 | #09 NIGHT BEFORE Mark Weber, poems December 1987 | #11 THE ODES OF BIG WEB Mark Weber, November 1988 | #15 HOGWASH Mark Weber , stories June 1990 | #20 LOCKLIN BIBLIO bibliography Mark Weber , March 1991 | #23 DRUNK CITY Mark Weber, poems May 1992 | #24 BIG WEB BEHIND THE ZION CURTAIN Mark Weber, stories (unreleased) 1992 | #25 DARK GARAGES Mark Weber, dope poems (unreleased) 1992 | #26 WANDERING JEW MOM / THE COMPULSIVE GUILTRIDDEN TERMINAL MOTHER Mark Weber / Catherine Lynn , poems & drawings March 1992 | #28 LOCKLIN BIBLIO 2 Mark Weber, November 1997 | #29 BIG WEB BRINGS HOME THE BACON Mark Weber, post office memoirs (unreleased) | #41 LIBRETTO : OBBLIGATOS FOR TERPSICHOREAN DIPSOMANIACS Mark Weber, poems from the CD (9 Winds 0182) may 1986 | #44 LIBRETTO: OH SHENANDOAH BE NOT TELLING ME THIS Mark Weber, poems from CD (Zerx 001) August 1997 | #47 VEHICLE VORTEX VERTIGO Mark Weber, poems & concert program (w/ J. A. Deane ) November 1998 | #48 LOOSE FRONT END Mark Weber / Scott Virtue, poems & drawings August 1999..

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  1. I’m an old friend of marcs from upland California, and we have lost touch. I’m living in Ho Chi Minh City, working as a post colonial indoctrinator(English teacher) in pseudo academia, and would like to get back in touch with him. Can you help me? Kind regards, Craig P.S. He also knows me as Cracked

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