mark weber | starch


this was a hard winter
it seemed to really take something out of us this year
I notice it
in a lot of people, who
look like they been blindsided, shot with buckshot,
a little worse for wear
then, I wonder if it’s this preposterous person we have as a president
and his ridiculous wars, that
have wore us down?
and the batch of unpromising individuals who are running for president
maybe the idea of hope
has had a little of the air let out of it
whatever it
even my elder cat Yemmie is showing
her lack of enthusiasm

it’s cold

my parents have reached that age where they
keep the house roasting, ( the thermostat said 78
but it felt hotter than that), it makes me realize
you should marry someone your own age
so that you both get the bone chill at the same time
would be difficult for both parties, one of them
cold, and the other sweltering because the other
keeps turning up the heat

mark weber | 12aprO8

Note: the word “really” is not a word I normally would be inclined to use — Strunk & White single the word out for castigation, citing it as a qualifier, and unnecessary, but somehow (maybe I’ve gone daft?) it seems to work, here?

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