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The World Stage

is one of the best venues for poets in all of Los Angeles. Founded in 1989 by late world renowned master jazz drummer Billy Higgins and by poet and community arts activist Kamau Daáood, The Stage features a Wednesday night poetry workshop with a paid feature afterwards. In the historic Leimert Park district of the city, it has always been a great pleasure to feature there a number of times over the years. Shot by Hilda Weiss for her poetry.LA website on March 28, 2007. Primarily I am reading from Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, Harvey Keitel, by John Dorsey, myself and Scott Wannberg, edited and published by myself for Rose of Sharon Press in April of 2005. John, Scott and I hit the road in April of ’05 for our first road trip together to Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Sacramento and have been doing so every year since as The New Word Order, The Deciders, Sal Mimeo and The Revolution and in October of 2006 to Cleveland to be a part of Rabbits Over Clevyland which I produced with Bree Bodnar to honor mimeo revolutionaries d.a. levy and Tom Kryss. In June of this year, John and I will be joining poets from all over the country for Unregulated Word: A Summer Accident in Kansas City, Kansas. In October John will jump on the Greyhoud to head west from Toledo so that he can roll with me to Sacramento where I will be reading at Luna’s on the 18th with Ann Menebroker, Neeli Cherkovski, Bill Gainer and A.D. Winans. The 19th John and I will be reading with A.D. and Neeli at The Beat Museum in San Francisco, then back to L.A. to read at Beyond Baroque with David Smith for Diana Bonebrake’s art opening there in Venice. S.A.Griffin

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