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The Name is Dillinger

Volume 1 of 13
by Todd Moore

First Edition, 1,163 Copies.
950 Trade, 50 Signed and Numbered by Author.
100 Review, 50 Author/Publisher, 13 Out of Series.

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#039 – Todd Moore & J.A. Deane – DILLINGER double-CD

6 years in the making this blows any other “spoken word” CD out of the water. With a .44 magnum. ( I usually run for cover whenever someone uses that term “spoken word” – leave that one for the wussies.) Todd illuminates the abandoned soul of John Dillinger. Dino breaks open the Gates of Hell. Not for the squeamish. When an hour of Dillinger was broadcast over the radio one Sunday afternoon back in 1997, KUNM was inundated by calls from frightened listeners, huge flocks of crows blackened the skies over Albuquerque, and the churches had record attendances for that evening’s observances.





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