ben smith | Im a world famous poet

Me and my girl,
At the kitchen table,

With a cold tin in my hand,

A girl with massive tits
Calls me “the poet”
asks to fuck the both of us,
In a orgy i couldn’t handle,
But we have to speak to her boy friend,
Cause he’s a little bit shy

And on the drive home,
With the passing red lights
A smudge to my
Drunken eyes.

I say

“You hear that?
they called me a poet, baby,
Im a world famous poet…”

And i drink the last
warm dregs of my beer
and throw it out the window.

And when i get home
I fall sleep on the couch,
Watching circous de solie,

and dream about the end of the world.
And in my dream
every one is panicing.

“ we are all going to die,
some body save us
We are all going to die.”

But not me,
I feel relaxed
Pretending to be
a world famous poet.

Sleeping on the couch at my mums.

Benjamin Smith send me a couple of days ago his book Air à boire all the way down from Australia. The book cover shows a sort of an giant cat. I love cats, therefore I started reading Air à boire and for my big surprise the book starts with the Jacques Brel song “ne me quitte pas” translated into english. Wow, a cat, then Brel. What comes after? cavity | the cars at the front of dave’s | dont be mad at me for saying this | the holiday tan | bed head (oh, how cute) | your twenty one | get over it cassanova | her popcorn hair | untitled (1) | clean, like a fox, |reprieve, amoment from the glare | untitled (2) | growing into a beautiful flower | lifes a beach | untitled (3) | untitled (4) | party time | sleeping like a vagina | black and white | father and sons | twelve weeks of winter | untitled (5) | god might remember | without | pealing duck | cork sandels | I dont want to dissapoint you | the woman with the wagging finger | the same | no more footsteps | 29 poems in total from a guy I would like to share a couple of six-packs with. Aire à boire is available via and much more on Benjamin Smith can be found on his web page horrorsleazetrasch More Ben Smith poems will be posted on Outlaw Poetry soon.

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