ben smith | charley the brave

He sits at the door,
With his legs folded before him.

Just looking at him self

Spastic drunk from the night out side

He seems to sway his head
To the rhythm
Of the snoring people
On the matrass
In the other room.

i slide open the
Glass roller door

i say

“Okay but just for a few hours
For god sakes

Don’t get into any fights.

Maybe just fuck
that black cat from next door
and then
come straight home”

I hate it when he’s gone for too long.
But he never acts afraid
Peering into the black night
With a hunger in his belly.

Un abashed by anything

Im sure he would be a whole lot braver
If i stopped making him stress
The little things.

Benjamin Smith send me a couple of days ago his book Air à boire all the way down from Australia. The book cover shows a sort of an giant cat. I love cats, therefore I started reading Air à boire and for my big surprise the book starts with the Jacques Brel song “ne me quitte pas” translated into english. Wow, a cat, then Brel. What comes after? cavity | the cars at the front of dave’s | dont be mad at me for saying this | the holiday tan | bed head (oh, how cute) | your twenty one | get over it cassanova | her popcorn hair | untitled (1) | clean, like a fox, |reprieve, amoment from the glare | untitled (2) | growing into a beautiful flower | lifes a beach | untitled (3) | untitled (4) | party time | sleeping like a vagina | black and white | father and sons | twelve weeks of winter | untitled (5) | god might remember | without | pealing duck | cork sandels | I dont want to dissapoint you | the woman with the wagging finger | the same | no more footsteps | 29 poems in total from a guy I would like to share a couple of six-packs with. Aire à boire is available via and much more on Benjamin Smith can be found on his web page horrorsleazetrasch More Ben Smith poems will be posted on Outlaw Poetry soon.

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