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Drunk Radio Poems

My radio has only two stations –
One classical, the other jazz.
When I drink,
I listen to classical.
When I write,
I listen to jazz.
I’ve been drinking more
And writing less. So,
The other night,
I borrowed the landlady’s radio.
I wanted to listen to both stations
At the same time.
I figured maybe then
I could drink
Make a few poems.
When I woke up next morning,
I read them over and over and over.
None of them made any sense.
I typed them up anyway –

Submitted them to the New Yorker.

David Church 1947 - 2008 | Photo: Tara Church | click the image to enlarge...
David Church 1947 – 2008 | Photo: Tara Church | click the image to enlarge…

From BIG HAMMER No. 12, 2008, Iniquity Press / Vendetta Books. This issue is available by clicking here…

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  1. To my Uncle Dave, Your poetry inspires me. Your poetry makes me feel your existence. Wish I could have seen you one last time. I would of enjoyed racking that brilliant mind. Discussing life with you as a kid would have been different as an adult. You took it another level my Uncle. You were a deep thinker and a realist. Some understood and some stood perplexed. We miss you UNCLE and LOVE U ALWAYS….R.I.P…….a silence that last forever.

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