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The Poetry Bomb

is a former U.S. military practice bomb. The artifact will be completely converted into a beautiful object filled with poetry from around the world. When finished, it will have a primo paint job just as if it were a classic car, complete with pin-striping. It will also have a window or portal that will open and close making it possible to not only see inside of the piece, but to take poems out at performances to read out loud, and to add future submissions. Once converted, I will take The Poetry Bomb on tour across the United States, and then, who knows? Plan on beginning the tour in late April of 2010.

I am soliciting funds not only to create The Poetry Bomb, but also, to then take The Poetry Bomb on tour. Everyone who contributes anything at all will be listed as a participant in the project as a part of The Bomb Squad on Facebook and in any subsequent documentation. You can follow the progress of the project, help spread the word and get more specifics about submissions (everyone is welcome, everyone!) at the kickstarter page, “The Poetry Bomb”. Please, SUBMIT TO THE BOMB!

(*The short presentation film, “THE POETRY BOMB” is by Christopher Lockett, that’s his music in the background too. Thanks Chris!)

Note: More about the Poetry Bomb project can be found by clicking here…

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  1. I am thrilled about the poetry bomb project~
    This is a fabulous idea and I can’t wait for it to be on tour!! What a great idea!! Best of luck and please make it down to Nashville!!

  2. Mr. Griffin,
    Your poetry bomb project is a great idea, turning what is wasteful into a great resource which people can learn from.
    Any chance you’ll be bringing the poetry bomb to the Albany, NY region??

  3. S.A. Griffin,
    Sir this is a great idea, I love it. I am a poet, and I’ll send 1 poem this week, I am a student of RHPeat; and he referered me to you. And I have another poet that I’ll let know, and her name is Madelynn.
    This is amazing, thank you, and we will look you up and read your work.
    Madelynns website is

    thank you, John E WordSlinger & Madelynn

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