biola olatunde | bury me in a prado jeep


He was only seventeen
and wanted a Prado jeep
to contest with his peers
from the other side of the street.

To the ancient one he went
and he whimpered his greed
that he may offer a solution
to a life of ease.

The ancient asked him
to bring a twin
in the manner of strange arts
can be used
to ensure a life of ease

so he stole a neighbor’s twin.

The strangled cry of the twin;
the agonized torture of a mother
the fearful haunting cries
the beheaded innocence
were silent witness
that tore his sleep to pieces

the ancient’s bloody hands
could not ensure his sleep
each night,
he heard the twin’s cries of despair
from murdered innocence
the mother’s agony
brought him back to the stream
that held the remains
of the twin

in despair
he made a confession
looking for relief
from the constant haunting

the judge’s cold verdict
came like cold relief
to the terror of his dreams
the tiny watching eyes
he had buried four feet
upright by the stream

as the hammer fell on his life
a whispered longing escaped
his parched cracked lips
one last request
bury me in a Prado jeep!

They buried him in a Prado grave
six feet standing upright
next to the tiny staring eyes
by the stream.

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  1. Enjoyable poem… the line that caught my interest most was…”…bring a twin…”. A thought that makes me think of doppelgangers and the fun times one could have with them.

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