daniel thompson | rats


Black Checker Cab midnight
Memorial Day Eve downtown
Deborah Campbell feeds the poor
Veterans of the street and the latest trickle
Down and outers of our one nation indivisible
Watch out! There’s more humankindness on the move
Deb goes for blankets, tells me the rats of Public Square
Are biting the hungry who are homeless there
Rats! I say to myself, Rats! give ’em cheese
Federal cheese, Why should they risk
Getting a disease from biting the poor?
Sure, get them little darlin’s
Out of their ratholes rat-a-tat-tat
Clean ’em up, mainstream ’em, get ’em jobs
In laboratories testing products, smoking
Let ’em be all they can be in the Army. Boom!
Send ’em into space,.,to the moon with Alice
For God, green cheese and country. Give ’em the vote
Every vote counts and like everyone else who votes
Count on them to keep the fat cats in power
Hallelujah, let them be free, let them eat brie
And pay through the nose to get those hot tickets
For the Pied Piper of Hamelin’s American tour
Forget the poor. They don’t give a rat’s ass for America
Or anything. Yes, it’s time to get the rats into the rat race

from EVEN THE BROKEN LETTERS OF THE HEART SPELL EARTH BOTTOM DOG PRESS, 1998 which is available by clicking here…

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